My Worthy American Life

      Photo credit: Key Soto

America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood…


Maybe I’ll die tomorrow because I won’t

wake up

Maybe it will be because I do

(wake up)

and get on the wrong train to go to work


It might be the rage filled anti-

American terrorist group

They will make a statement by taking my freedom:

my worthy American life

and the lives of those that desperately cling to their versions of

America, the beautiful


It will be on tv and we’ll be mourned:

Young, straight, white,


college educated, American,




Or maybe it will be some white man in his 20s who’s

angry at the terrorists;

he will also make a statement

in the name of freedom, I think


He will have gone mentally ill:

because he’s white


America, the beautiful


Or maybe it will be because I take a cab home

’cause I’m exhausted from

my terrorist headache


And the cab will flip over on the 59th street bridge

Young, straight, white, worthy, college educated, (worthy), teacher

might make the news


Maybe I’ll die

thinking of all of the ways

I might die


And I’ll be my own terrorist, so that they —

terrorist group and random white man and my

big brother

won’t terrorize

my worthy soul



I’ll die

because I choose to


I choose when and how

I’ll terrorize


Put a bullet in my mouth


Or maybe

I’ll choose to submit

to the state


Take our lives now — put a chip in me and

take my thoughts away


Then I won’t have

racing thoughts


And I won’t turn into a terrorist


I’ll give that to my

Uncle Sam,


For we are

all soldiers now


from sea to shining sea

by Vicky Munyoz