of tendencies

Photo Credit: Public Domain Archive

of tendencies, when light filters back through a peep hole

layers of brain peonies unfurl qua antlers for arrows

suspended in absence of skin, the way light drips off

the corner of your mouth — if art is preservation of self


i am woman with no bra in winter nipples frostbit hard

how hard does each species devour emptiness?

you say you love me and i look at you tongue heavy


with obligation to regurgitate — i can feel the shape

of your earlobes with my fingertips such somnambulist

incantations — neither shrill nor scolding your voice conjures


a claptrap minefield of excuses to avoid compulsion

when nothing matters most flesh exposes — indecision

is a decision — when did fragments become a way


of subversion? an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction

owls and hours of minerva – split ginkgo biloba, mobius

circles, stripped — what is regret but desire for chance?


priorities allow for collateral learning — not now satan,

i’m fingering thru my rolodex of hate – my heart is licorice

black not quite lead — a backpack full of carcasses


the aperture of assassin-bugs — light explorations

a gypsy beachcomber jaunts not juts — polarization,

best left observed, not handled, no urgency


means no push for growth — a shrapnel desire for nothingness

rooted in moss — if art is self preservation, then, why do i keep

writing you in calla lilies throat drunk with light always running


out of syllables — loneliness is an invention of the idle

remember, i don't have to touch your point of pain to fix you

the metal taste is from iodine flowing, saline for dehydration


crab pinched thoughts ants and ants crawl on forearm

thalassophobia — is the fear of large bodies of water or

was it the fear of vast emptiness? poetry is the unbound


recapitulation of brief moments qua permanency

and the perusal of jettisoned non-essentials — tell me

the structures of semiconductors of surfslash neckwings


handwritten butterflies — write to locate equilibrium in neurotic

grooves and ridges, impulsive bowl-of-cream — svelte not thin,

flexible and graceful not slim — when a city haunts you and you


ignore it the way you ignore catahoula that catahoula louisiana

swamp mixbreed fatty re-signifies home for you, when all i want

are perpetual unlit ceiling candles too expensive to burn


were they from solvang or scandinavia? object permanence

an ability to understand an object’s existence — familiar tangibility

when it is no longer visible, obtrusive (to) desire, inert, mid-sand


weighs heavy on your clavicles calcified pining for touch


by Jax NTP.