Two Poems

 Iraqi House - Fady AlSaegh

قصيدة لـ سيف الصائغ


تصحو من النوم

كبحر ضائغ.

مفزوع ، ككراسي قاعة العرس

بعد رحيل الحضور.

رأسك ثقيل،

كمجموعة من الفامبايرز

يرقصون التانغو

كيف هو حال الحلم؟_

يموت كبطل

فلم رومانسي قديم.

كنكتة تعاد

على طول عقدين من الزمن.

كموجة تضرب

صخرة عمياء.

نصحى بدون جدوى،

العينان صحراء


وفي القلب سباق – نحو اي ضوء؟

نحو اي ضوء؟


Translation by Saif AlSaegh


A Poem by Saif AlSaegh


You wake up 

a lost sea.


like the chairs in

a wedding reception

after the guests left.

Your head, heavy

like vampires dancing the tango.

_ How’s the dream?

It dies like the protagonist

In an old romantic movie.

Like a wave striking

a blind rock.

We wake up empty.

The eyes are a wide desert.

The soul is a continuous sunset.

and in the heart … a race-

Towards what light?

Towards what light?



Saif AlSaegh - Baghdad, 2009 (Digital)


by Saif AlSaegh

The dream is still, 
but the child is falling
and slowly dying
of sea cancer. 

The black man is
wearing a red suit, 
his orange hat
is laughing at an
opiate youth. 

The night has passed, 
and the brilliant brains
are sorrowful ... 
the morning is the grinning gallows of happiness. 

The middle-aged woman
is donating blood
to revive another shopping mall, 
so we can buy routine sexual stimulants. 

The old man
reads today's newspaper
only to discover it's
also yesterday's news
telling us it's another morning
where saints die alone. 

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