Three Poems

Public domain CC0



The worst thing that can happen is not to have a home.

I’ll keep working on the flower codes.

Witty is not witty anymore.

Her heart began to have gender-psychological.

We may be allies, but we will never be friends.

Everyone over the age of 10 hates Christmas.

Not knowing the subject matter but enjoying the whole thing.

Shyness is a type of lie.

The chef is worried that if we don’t begin to serve he won’t be able to synchronize the courses.

Its people like you that give people like you a bad name.

Remembering when you had to change your watch manually while traveling.

Our gazes never meet.

Is it still ladies night?

Totally lame last thing to say to someone.




Feeling terrible for a good reason or feeling terrible for no reason at all.

Dream of having a new lover who looks just like my old lover.

Suicide by cop is not on my bucket list.

Are you really trying to compare misery indexes?

Instead of producing a bunch of things for a bunch of people, producing one thing for a bunch of people.

A poetics that is just an explanation.

Do you not notice all of the end of the world crap going on right now?

Most people fight their dark side.

The woman will eat cake but will not drink.

Always the opposite of important.

There is no line.

We have to find a monk, and get him to talk.

How the Q&A session reflects the audience.

Only two of the original cast members remain.




No purpose or goal or objective or subject matter.

A philosophy of sickness in which everything must go down, then up.

How long do we hold hands until it gets weird?

Secrets have a way of getting out.

The Monroe Doctrine and the culture of cultural appropriation.

Woke up confused about the similarity between the words blush and bluish.

Your weakness is your sympathy for others.

I’m not kidnapping our roommate!

Slow as sunrise.

When sheep eat people.

We need to go back and get punished for swimming in the lake.

If I have to hear the word doppelgänger one more time, I think I’m going to have to learn how to spell it.

A dream of being on the 3rd floor of a building with no 2nd or 1st floor.

The almanac as feminine.


by Carrie Hunter


Carrie Hunter received her MFA/MA in the Poetics program at New College of California, edits the chapbook press, ypolita press, is on the editorial board of Black Radish Books, and co-curated the Hearts Desire Reading Series. Her chapbook Vice/Versa recently came out with Dancing Girl Press, her full-length collection, The Incompossible, was published in 2011 by Black Radish Books, and another, Orphan Machines, came out in 2015. She lives in San Francisco and teaches ESL.