Two Poems

 Brian O'Callaghan (1999)



 Across the Moei river, 

 The blessed take the bridge. 

 She’ll risk the crossing for taciturn men who promise gold.


 Herded to a false Valhalla, crammed in a wait house 

 Reticent serfs loaded on a truck,

 Dawn is a god dimming veil that separates worlds. 

 Stateless, nameless, bond-servants. 

 O'Callaghan, (2010)


A Futile Love

The silliness of a gaze

Our servitude of thought

Letters never sent, desire unloved 

A stillborn dove. 


The limpness contained and locked away, 

Daydream narrative, the pits. 

A bag, heavy and too obvious 

Pity for the awkward stage 

The elephant man in assembly 


Years and futures caught in nets 

All fathers now and titles fixed 

Fattened fish flapping on the deck 

No more diving, in search of wrecks. 

by Brian O'Callaghan

Photo Credit: O'Callaghan