The Name of the Tear

Thanksgiving Maskers (Bain Collection)

You’ll remember my name
when that fateful
and always terribly strange
tear called death
that suffocates a child
called life
comes to your face
like a water telegram
in a sea of knives
(open and close your eyes
to plant a tree
that will survive
the memory of dry
flowers sewn with wilted
you’ll remember my vanished name
the day the moon
cries the sun’s funeral
covered in salt
every muscle fiber
of the once mighty horse
now bullets
burying the blossoms
of a land
that sobs, (no longer thrives)
and that name
will close the clouds
over your eyes
will become an ashy whisper
that comes,
like death,
through the mirrors
through the butterflies.
That black tear
will I plant,
and thence
a wilted tree
will bloom
with silver stars.
And with your blood
I’ll water it,
and construct a cathedral,
so that you can rest
at last, oh last,
after all these years.

by Angel Aragón