As a carpenter Christ should have made himself a coffin beforehand
Maybe that’s only a trivial detail
But we live in a practical world and trivial details are often what generate beliefs
— Phan Nhiên Hạo

We are open for submissions every hour of every day. You can send basically anything. We accept all forms and experimental expressions. We pseudo-hate protocol and hate-hate boxes. Like really hate-hate. Hmm. Not enough... Like Trump-hate-hate-hate. Yep, that seems about right. 

Try us. Maybe we fit together. If it isn't the case, we'll be really easy-going and gentle about it. Maybe even gently confidential, if you prefer.  

Now, the only trivial detail. Please read our content before submitting in order to get the feeling of what we're looking for, and please (not just please, but like please-please), do not send drafts. Send us your finished work. What you would like to see published by your name without depending on a second correction. 

Well, that's that. Looking forward to hearing from you.