A Stone's Neglected Reasons

Children on ruins in al-‘Ajaj in the Jordan Valley, 11 August 2015. Photo by ‘Aref Daraghmeh, B’Tselem. 

When your body is cuffed with chains,

when your timeless soul is caged,

so the dust of despair breathes through you

and the void sieges you,

and you're fighting the world alone;

throw that stone

(and a million more)


It's nirvana you throw in the air,

clouds of hope fly beyond borders

and it rains drops of tomorrow everywhere

to nirvana, dear, you're getting closer.


When they say they only want peace

but you still remember that blood-red night of may

when they'd executed peace long before its decay,

when their peace is just so wrong

and its raining bullets and drones

throw that stone

(and a million more)


When your friends' bodies ache

but your friends are in oblivion;

every laugh you whisper is a spear inside

you bleed for their wounded absent minds.


When you know it's an uneven war,

but you still sharpen the blade to gore

the mechanic heart of a world, long gone.

to them you are powerless, yet you still frighten

their guilty eyes,

yet you still frighten the unpaid price.

When your religion is the truth,

even if it takes your youth

like the martyrs that would never forgive

like the chances you would never relive


When they bulldoze your empire of dreams

throw stones to rebuild your homeland

'though the world won't understand

throw stones to throw away,

the assumption that our will is dead

tell them it would never die,

stones will forever stay alive.


by Mohammed El-Kurd