Les étoiles de Halabja

Les étoiles de Halabja (Aragón, 2016)

Morning has been
chopped up in little
pieces of mirror
and the Moon
has been corrupted
with a few coins.
The crystal silver
pieces have been
extended throughout
the night;
they are trying to cover
their children from the gas
and they have died.
The sky is just
the reflection
of the mothers’ corpses
that shall be buried
with their children
where the trees
will grow
again one day;
death was carried in the
men’s throats like
a silent city;
when they slit them
the world was infested:
the rotting bodies
left to dry
were used
as parchment paper
to write History,
and their ragged clothes
were used as nets
to capture
and jail them.

To the victims of the Halabja Massacre (16/03/1988), In Memoriam. (Number I of a Halabja Trilogy)

by Angel Aragón