Angel Aragón Mureddu

      Fallujah Director, Angel  (2015)

      Fallujah Director, Angel  (2015)

Angel is a poet, musician and general artist based in Mexico City. He is the founder and director of Fallujah Magazine and Mute Lyre Films. The rest is bla-bla-bla.


Mohammed El-Kurd

        Mohammed El-Kurd

Mohammed El-Kurd is a seventeen-year-old aspiring writer from Jerusalem, Palestine. Being born on the Nakba’s 50th ‘anniversary’ was a sign that provoked him to get involved in the Palestinian struggle. He found that his true strength lied within the power of words: he was able to voice his opinions, sorrows, fears, and ideas through poetry. Writing poetry about the Israeli Military Occupation, global racism, ‘the fatal concept of destiny’, and gender stereotypes, he was able to touch hundreds of people. “I find my favorite moment when reciting a poem, is when I bring a person to tears, because that is how I realize I have succeeded in provoking the person’s conscience,” he told The WorldPost. “But it’s really challenging to move Palestinians by my poetry, because we became numb to our reality.”

Mohammed is working on his first poetry book and is hoping to study in the United States beginning this Fall. “Poetry doesn’t liberate occupied land, it does free imprisoned and enslaved nations,” El-Kurd told The WorldPost. “What it does, simply, is represent an element that fuels and encourages the souls of the oppressed.”


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Megha Arora

Megha strongly believes in questioning “common-sense” values and challenging the oppressive power-structures of society, be it class, race, caste or gender through her writing. Her work is deeply influenced by people such as Jim Morrison, Rabindranath Tagore, Hunter S Thompson and Khalil Gibran. She is a Buddhist practitioner in the Mahayana tradition. 

She currently lives in New Delhi, India. 

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Vicky Munyoz

A resident of New York City, Vicky writes poems to dissect, critique, and mourn the nonsensical world in which we live. She is repeatedly drawn to questions of worthiness and what it means to be deserving, particularly through a feminist, (mostly) White, privileged, American lens. Although originally from an Irish and Italian suburb of Boston, Vicky was born from a NYC hybrid couple of the 70s: half-Puerto Rican, half-Italian and considers growing up with her particular mixed ethnic background (where that combination was not the norm) a crucial seed for the way she has come to see the world. Vicky resides with her partner, Key Soto, in Queens, and teaches Spanish to high school students in Brooklyn.

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